My Eras

Much like Taylor, I have also had many different eras in my professional life. My eras have included outdoor recreation, higher education advising, DEI programing, teaching, and of course design.

My outdoor education era

Summer Camp

As a camp counsellor and later camp director, I developed high-level emotional intelligence, leadership, community-building, staff management, and creative collaboration skills.

My higher education administration era

Academic Advising

When I worked in higher education student advising, I worked hard to create a more inclusive campus. I developed DEI curriculum, facilitated safe-space workshops, delivered many DEI presentations, and created diversity and inclusion policy before this work was cool.

My education era

Teaching & facilitation

I have taught courses and seminars in a wide range of subjects including history, sailing, student success strategies, technology, diversity and inclusion, and design.

My creative era


Design is the process of taking the convoluted and making it consumable. As a neurodivergent and LGBTQ+ identified designer, my passion for accessibility and inclusive design comes from both personal and professional lived experience.

My Education

I have an undergraduate degree in Humanities and UX certification from NN/g. My strengths include:

Empathy and User-Centered Design

Research and Analysis

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Communication and Collaboration

Technical Proficiency

Cultural Competence

My Resume

My Career

I’m a versatile designer with a passion for art direction, UX/UI, data design, presentation design, and video production. Accessibility and inclusivity are the foundation of my design philosophy and practice. I love inclusive user experience, collaborative co-design work, and creating with emerging technologies.

Where I’ve Worked

Design Lead
BC Pension Corporation
2016 - 2023
UX & Multimedia Designer
2012 - Present
Design & Technology Instructor
Camosun College
2014 - 2017
Communications Director
Banff Marathon
2015 - 2016
Creative Director & Senior Instructional Designer
Summit Yearkbooks
2014 - 2016
Enrolment & Recruitment Advisor
Royal Roads University
2019 - 2013
Academic Advisor
University of Victoria
2006 - 2009
Assistant Director & Waterfront Director
Camp Runoia
2001 - 2008

My Loves


LGBTQ history

Lake swimming

Keith Haring

Midcentury design

The goodest

Authentic DEI


The Golden Girls

Immersive art


The bestest

Professional awards

Taylor Swift (obvs)

Great veggie burgers

Collaborative teams

Emerging technology

The loveliest

My previous work


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